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For over a decade, dog lovers have had access to wireless pet fencing. However, recent technological advancements have brought about a new and innovative fencing system for dogs. The Stay and Play Wireless Fence is an intelligent and advanced dog fence that not only eliminates the need for buried wires but also includes an in-built tracking system. This tracking system allows owners to control their dog’s location and receive safety information in real-time. Unlike other wireless fences, it transmits signals with much greater efficiency, making it a top choice for dog owners seeking a reliable and effective containment solution.

Benefits of Stay and Play Wireless Fence

As every one wants to keep their dog safe but the traditional fence system did not fulfill the need properly. It is not good to tie up your dog all the day to prevent it from escaping but wireless fencing system give leverage to give freedom to dog to move and roam around. That’s why more and more people are trying to adopt that wireless fencing system.

Stay and Play Wireless Fence is widely being used by the customers due to its extensive advantages over the hard wired version. First of all, it is entirely wireless and easy to install and can be moved anywhere with ease. You just have to place it for plug in the transmitter at the central location of your courtyard. After that, put the collar in your dog’s neck. The entire process is simple and easy to follow, and for this, you will not need any specialist to install the program and pay for its services.


Second feature that become the point of attraction is its adjustable feature. It means that you can set the distance as per your requirements and also feed those areas which are said to restricted for your dog. Thus, it means that you can set the locations and areas of your own choice. The range is normally set in the circular form. But don’t take it as fun that always keeps changing the range, it will disturb the pet and make it confuse as well. Find wireless electric dog fence here.

One other benefit is that you can add on the transmitters to enhance the range of the place. It is very much beneficial for those, who have large areas and acreage. For this, you can place and connect multiple transmitters at various locations. However, make sure that the ranges must overlap one other so that no gap lies in between the fence.


The wireless pet fence system is highly effective compared to other fence systems because of its constant signals and rechargeable batteries. However, most collars indicate when they need to be charged, making it quick and easy to do. This system is slightly more expensive than the underground dog fence system but requires extensive training to ensure the dog’s safety. It is important to have a dog fence collar with programmable levels that can be adjusted as the dog progresses through the training process. The training should begin with the initial level, enabling both the dog and the owner to easily conduct the training.